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Inspiring individuals to create a better self and life through education, planning, and

Clarity, Confidence, Focus, Happiness, Health
Mindfulness, Motivation, Peace, and Purpose.

Guides and Materials that Will Take You to the Next Level!

Planning & Goal Setting

Planning &
Goal Setting

Mental Health Wellness

Mental Health

Motivationg and Confidence Building

Motivation & 
Confidence Building

About is a self-help/self-guided website that provides you the tools to educate ones-self, assist you in organizing a plan to reach your goals, and materials that will challenge yourself in self awareness as well as set you on your path of self evolvement.


The Founder and CEO

Charles J Gunnip

Charles J. Gunnip is a Life Coach certified in Neuro Linguistics, Cognitive Behavior, and Hypnosis as well as a Motivational Speaker. His passion to assist others has driven him not only to become an Author but to start an Organization,, a self guided website to inspire individuals to create a better self and life.

His insights are straightforward and unclouded as this is the type of person that he is. Though he is a courteous person he tells you like it Is without all the fluff.

He was born and raised in a suburb of Syracuse, New York. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, bonfires, traveling and performing playing guitar/singing.

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““His coaching style is unlike anyone else which has motivated me to reaching my Dreams!”

Albert J. Zoll II

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Syracuse, New York 13212


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